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Submission by Subgenius

Eklipster: Subgenius
Submission date: 29. July 2008

Wenn der Herbststurm stirbt
legt sich Stille auf das Land

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Submission by Risk

Eklipster: Risk
Submission date: 22. July 2008
Submission title: we have to change the world today, or tomorrow will be without us.

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Submission by Drakurius

Eklipster: Drakurius
Submission date: 22. July 2008

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Submission by MDKeck

Eklipster: MDKeck
Submission date: 22. July 2008

Grünes Kristallin,
so scheint die Sonne-
Blumen wachsen in der Luft.
Plastisch maßt der Baum gen Süden-
Blätter trägt er keine.
Rotes Gras im grünen Licht,
wer mag der Geber sein?
Ich hol tief Luft und rede frei-
mein Wort betont die Stille.

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Submission by DerFieseFriese

Eklipster: DerFieseFriese
Submission date: 22. July 2008
Submission title: Zunkunft

Ich kann plötzlich sehen,
das Dunkel entweicht.
Das Licht, es wird heller,
den Horizont streift.

Doch wo wird er hinführen,
der gleisende Strahl?
Zu Trauer, zu Armut,
zu Wut und zu Stahl?

Nein, Licht das heißt Leben,
und Zukunft , und Glück.
Ich schaue nach vorne
Und nie mehr zurück.

Die Wahrheit ist Schein
Und nicht zu erfassen.
Verblendet das Sein
Und fängt an zu verblassen.

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Submission by -belle

Eklipster: -Belle
Submission date: 22. July 2008
Submission title: The future is in the mind’s eye.

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Submission by Lisa Anne Carlini

Eklipster: Lisa Anne Carlini
Submission date: 21. July 2008
Submission title: future musings

future musings

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the cephalopods bivalves change diameter and myelination
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and color fibers
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developed widely
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nerve of mantle have nervous
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study invertebrates
for the senses
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many is than
the called of are easier
of of of
of the

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Submission by tenshiaku I

Eklipster: tenshiaku I
Submission date: 21. July 2008

a cascading rift of black.
Our Future,
dim and without hope.
A light,
a glow to touch the heart.
Our Future,
warm and welcoming love.
Both are possible
Both depend on us.
for only one can be.
Will we choose wise?

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Submission by Adam Stillwagon

Eklipster: Adam Stillwagon
Submission date: 23. July 2008
Submission title: Essay Submission

For years, mankind has been at the mercy of the elements. We’ve been forced
to alter our lifestyles to fit within the parameters that our planet’s
environment has set out for us. And with the ever-changing state of global
climate, we must together prepare for the hardships that we will undoubtedly
face in the future. Already we’ve been plagued with earthquakes, tsunamis,
hurricanes, and lightning sparked wildfires which have threatened our very
existence. Droughts have created famines, which have in turn decimated
entire populations. We need to start now in developing the ideas that will
usher us into a new era of prosperity.

I dream of a world where our collective science communities are working hand
in hand to ensure our place on this planet for generations to come. What if
we could plan out our weather patterns in advance? What if we could
guarantee rain for our farmers and their crops? What if we had the means to
stop natural disasters, or to even start them if we needed to? Is it
possible that we could discover a way of communicating more intensely with
the other living creatures of our surrounding?

I feel the answer to these questions lies closer than we think. A strong
sense of ethics and science could lead to some of the greatest inventions
man has ever, or will ever, see. With so many challenges facing us, we need
the strong minds, the thinkers, dreamers, and leaders who desire to see a
better tomorrow. I for one, hope to be there with them, to witness first
hand the birth of our glorious, new Scientific Era!

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